Monday, 7 January 2013

Irish Dancing Dress - part 2

Recently I got to spend an entire day working on the solo dress, but sadly I had to stop before I wanted to as I got to the point of needing to fit it to my model who was away from home for a few days (hence having time to actually work on it)...
The 'not pink!' mock up dress.

A few days earlier I had re-jigged my practice dress pattern and made a mock up of the dress base with some ratty old lining fabric I had laying around. The little miss tried it on and it was a pretty good fit - yay! The only thing that really needed fixing was the neck which was a little too tight. However, the little miss was very concerned with the colour - after a little reassuring that the real dress was indeed going to be hot pink she cheered up. We had a little play with the skirt of the dress and tried out kick pleats and gathering and decided that we'd go with kick pleats this time.

And then it was on to the real thing...So I basically made the same dress over again in different fabric. To be honest I'm really glad I made the mock up - I was more relaxed sewing up the 'good' fabric as I had already worked out a few hitches with the ratty fabric so there weren't any surprises!

Nearly there...
So here's where I got to... base dress waiting for a zipper, tulle underskirt, hemmed sleeves, and embellishments!

And then I had a bit of an afterthought - kick pants (bloomers). I made them using a pair of her pajamas in the same way that I did in this post - just a lot shorter. They turned out good and they fit, so I'm happy with that!

Bloomers just before they were sewn up.

The end is within sight... Soon we'll all get to see my first completed Irish dancing solo dress!

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