Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Paper... Sparkly Black Cat

The Iron Craft Challenge this fortnight was to create something beautiful from paper. Paper is not really my medium of choice, so I did a lot of searching on Pinterest for inspiration; and then I remembered seeing silhouette images that were made to be sitting or jumping down from flat fixtures like door moldings and light switches.

I dug out some sparkle cardstock that I bought for some unknown reason ages ago, and starting searching the internet again for good silhouette shapes. The little miss is quite fond of cats, so I thought a cute little black sparkly cat would look great on the light switch in her room. I traced a shape I liked (that wouldn't be too difficult to cut out) and then copied it onto the back of my black sparkly paper and cut it out, then attached it to the wall with blu-tack.

The little miss noticed it straight away when she went into her room and loved it! She said it looks just like our kitty (who also happens to be black). It was super easy, and I already have the sparkly paper, so I've started collecting ideas of other silhouettes that I can cut out to make for next year's school gala crafts.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Chunky Tailored Crochet Cowl (pattern included)

I found some great looking super chunky yarn at my local craft shop the other day (and it was super cheap!) so I grabbed a few balls knowing I could come up with something to make with it.

I wanted to make a little something for my little guy's school unihoc manager/coach for the end of term to say thank you, and I thought this yarn would look great as a cowl. I've made many cowls in the past  based on two different styles - pull over ones and rectangular button up ones. In general I like the way the pull over ones sit, but this chunky yarn would just be too bulky for that and sometimes I just want something that's going to hug my neck nice & close. I've made some beautiful rectangular ones that button together at the neck, and I love them too, but they tend to leave the shoulder on the button side uncovered and I've been meaning to try and make one that just doesn't do that. So I created this one...

The button goes through any of the double crochet spaces, so it can be worn quite loose (and exposing a tiny sliver of shoulder) or nice and tight to keep all of the winter air from touching you! And because it sits nicely over the shoulders it goes great under a jacket or coat too without being too bulky.

If you would like to make one of these cowls, here's how I did mine:

Chunky Tailored Cowl Pattern


  • size 10mm crochet hook
  • chunky yarn - I used one 100g ball of chunky acrylic yarn (approx 85 metres).
    Note: I used up the entire ball of yarn and I crochet quite tight. You may want to have extra matching yarn just in case.
  • button - sized to fit your double crochet spaces as button holes
  • needle for threading in ends and attaching button


  • Chain 45 stitches (or more or less depending on your yarn & the fit you want).
  • Dc in each chain starting in the 3rd chain from the hook, turn.
  • Chain 3, dc in each dc to end, turn.
  • Chain 1, sc in each dc to end, turn.
  • Chain 3, *dc in each sc 5 times, 2 dc in next sc* until end, turn.
  • Chain 3, *dc in each dc 5 times, 2 dc in next dc* until end, turn.
  • Chain 1, *sc in each dc 5 times, 2 sc in next dc* until end, turn.
  • Chain 3, *dc in each sc 8 times, 2 dc in next sc* until end, turn.
  • Chain 3, *dc in each dc 8 times, 2 dc in next dc* until end, turn.
  • Fasten off.
  • Attach button near the top, lining it up with the row of double crochets that you want to use at the button holes.