Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ice Cube Snack Trays

It's not rocket science to serve a variety of little snacks in an ice cube tray, but I did think this was a clever idea to make snack time a little more fun and interesting. My kids, especially the little guy, are pretty picky eaters so the first time I used this way of presenting their food I sneaked in something new - and it worked! The little miss ate everything and then asked for a refill of a few things and the little guy ate everything except his apples (but this is probably because there was no tomato sauce to dip them in - weird, I know).

I've seen this idea done multiple times throughout the internet, but this is the one I originally pinned. In fact I have pinned quite a few ideas from this blog (and the photos are beautiful!)

I don't make the kids snack like this everyday, but they always light up when I do (especially if I sneak a marshmallow or two in there). They're nice & portable, so today we took them outside to eat in the beautiful warm sunshine!

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