Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Coloured Keys

I'm always quite pleased with myself when I actually get off the computer and make something I've pinned to my Pinterest boards. The fact that this one was super easy doesn't change that, possibly it makes it even better!

Pinterest is great at pointing out the obvious - like these nail polish painted keys. I only have 3 keys on my key-chain, but with 2 young kids in tow, and usually an armful or two of stuff when I need to unlock doors, I'll take all the help I can get. I love that I'm able to tell which key is which with just a quick glance, and using nail polish that I've already got in the house - genius!

I put one coat of polish on each key and they looked cute, but not quite cute enough for my liking so on went some sparkly top coat.

I wanted to see how well the colour would last on the keys before posting about it to my blog. I painted these over 6 months ago (ok, so I waited a bit longer than I had planned) and I'm happy to say that the colour has lasted very well. I suspect that a good quality top-coat had something to do with it's durability. The colour has mostly rubbed off the edges, but they are still very clearly pink and blue, and are still serving their purpose well.

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