Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Paper... Sparkly Black Cat

The Iron Craft Challenge this fortnight was to create something beautiful from paper. Paper is not really my medium of choice, so I did a lot of searching on Pinterest for inspiration; and then I remembered seeing silhouette images that were made to be sitting or jumping down from flat fixtures like door moldings and light switches.

I dug out some sparkle cardstock that I bought for some unknown reason ages ago, and starting searching the internet again for good silhouette shapes. The little miss is quite fond of cats, so I thought a cute little black sparkly cat would look great on the light switch in her room. I traced a shape I liked (that wouldn't be too difficult to cut out) and then copied it onto the back of my black sparkly paper and cut it out, then attached it to the wall with blu-tack.

The little miss noticed it straight away when she went into her room and loved it! She said it looks just like our kitty (who also happens to be black). It was super easy, and I already have the sparkly paper, so I've started collecting ideas of other silhouettes that I can cut out to make for next year's school gala crafts.

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