Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Glow Bath

The kids were driving me crazy this evening and I was kind of dreading having to get them both in the bath myself as the husband is out tonight... And then I remembered something I saw on a friend's Pinterest board - glow baths! We almost always have a stock of glow sticks in the cupboard and it's not like they could get any more wild than they already were...

We did all the actual getting clean stuff first with the promise of something really cool if they could manage for that long, and then I turned off the light and cracked the sticks and the most amazing thing happened - they actually chilled right out! They were totally mesmerised by the lights in the water and the calm of the near darkness. I couldn't believe I had dismissed the idea earlier because I thought it would turn them into wild water beasts!

Sadly the magic didn't last forever - they did go back to fighting over containers after a short while, but the fighting was definitely more toned down than before. Both of my little monsters are now tucked snugly into bed and calm has once again come over this house - time for this Mumma to sit back with a cup of tea & relax.

*Neither my photography skills nor my camera are really up to capturing this sort of thing, but if you look up "glow bath" in Pinterest, there are no shortage of photos!

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