Monday, 13 August 2012

Pajama Pants

(The pant legs are the same length in real life,
it's my photo skills that are a bit off.)

The last time my Mom came to visit she brought me some fabric that she bought in Canada. The fabric wasn't for anything in particular, but it was all a little different than what you can find at the regular fabric stores around here. Included in this small collection of fabric was some Disney Princess flannelette for the little miss. The little miss is all about the Disney Princesses, but flannelette isn't something I tend to use with the types of things I make – until now...

I had never made pajamas for my kids in the past because I figured that they're just for sleeping in and a trip to K-Mart or The Warehouse seemed a lot easier as well as inepensive. To be honest I really couldn't be bothered, and then I found this tutorial. The tutorial only shows how to make the pants, but for me this wasn't a problem as the little miss has a closet full of t-shirts that hardly ever get worn because 95% of the time she will only wear dresses – now at least they can be worn at night time!

These pants were super easy and took me about 30 minutes total from laying out the fabric to finishing the trim. The only thing I would have done differently is to make them bigger (I wasn't really thinking and used a pair of pajamas for my 'pattern' that she's had for a while now). I cut the pieces out with pretty much only the seam allowance extra – unfortunately little people tend to grow quite quickly, so I'm not sure they will last very long on her, I really should have cut them out a bit larger so that she would still have room to grow before they got too small.

I didn't plan on adding the ribbon to the bottom of the legs, or making a bow, but I whipped them up so quickly I thought I might as well embellish them a little. The little miss loved searching through my ribbon stash to pick out the perfect ribbon to match too.

Since these were such a breeze to make, I thought I'd use up a little more flannelette I've been storing for way too long and make a pair for the little guy too. He is also quite a fan of things Disney, and I had some leftover Mickey Mouse fabric that wasn't quite big enough to make anything out of, so I used the Mickeys on the fabric to make some patches and stitched them on his pants. The little guy actually wears all his t-shirts, so I went out to find him an inexpensive top and found a long sleeve t-shirt that even matches for $5 and added a little Mickey to that too!

Both kids are very pleased with their jammies and almost always pick them before all the store bought ones. So from now on if I come across any flannelette that I (or the kids) love I can buy it because I know I'll be able to use it for something!

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