Monday, 27 August 2012

Glow in the Dark Party!

My little miss recently turned 5 and we celebrated her birthday by having a glow in the dark disco party - and by 'disco' I mean dance party, not terrible 70's music and fashion. ;)

I like to put on do it yourself, low-key birthday parties like the ones I remember from when I was a kid. Growing up, all the birthday parties I went to were held at the birthday girl or boy's house with a bunch of kids, presents, cake, balloons, and a few games. Everyone had a great time and it didn't have to cost a fortune! When we first started planning for the party I went straight to my computer to see what fantastic ideas the internet would provide. As with most of my brainstorming on Pinterest, I didn't end up doing very many of the items I pinned but the few ideas that we did follow through on ended up working well.

My little miss LOVES dancing, so naturally dancing would be a part of her big day and she didn't even have to think about what she wanted - she wanted a disco! Living in New Zealand, a birthday in July means a winter birthday so a glow in the dark disco seemed like a good way to brighten things up a little. We started the party at 4pm with some catching up and opening presents, had an early dinner of hot dogs and pizza (and cake of course!), and then the kids danced off their sugar highs for the next 2 hours!

We handed out glow sticks on arrival and had a container of balloons on light sticks for the kids to dance/play with (which very quickly turned into light wands and the balloons discarded). We had almost all of the lights in the house turned off, but there were so many glow sticks, light wands, and paper lanterns that it was actually too bright to see any of the 'glow in the dark' things we had put out (including the awesome glow in the dark lanterns we made). The kids loved it and everyone had a blast! There was even an unexpected surprise as one of the guests brought over some sparklers her family had left over from the 4th of July (they're American) - we finished up outside in the fresh air and everyone got their sparkle on!

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